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Name:Anastasia Sayansky-Crawford
Birthdate:Jul 17
Player's Name: Lance
Contact info: [ profile] girlnamedlance [ profile] girlnamedlance
DW: [personal profile] girlnamedlance

Character: Anastasia Sayansky-Crawford
Canon: OC
Version: N/A
Canon Point: N/A
Age: Appears early 20’s, but she is actually 102 years old
Gender: Female

History: Anastasia was a poor child under the rule of the last Tsar of Russia. Though she knew nothing of it, since she was only 5, her family was dreadfully poor. Her parents endeavored to make her life as happy and as peaceful as it could be, though. Her father carved toys and dolls for her, and her mother made clothes for them from scraps in the mending basket of the home she worked in as a domestic.

One day, there was open insurrection against the Tsar. In the ensuing riots, fire broke out. There was no escape for Anastasia, but to hide. She chose her hiding place poorly, however. She escaped the flames, but instead she was pinned under some rubble, a wooden post through her stomach.

She had never known such pain before. But it did not kill her right away. The post served as its own plug against the open flow of blood. She cried all through the day and into the night. No one heard her in all that time. Hands, impossibly strong, moved the rubble aside. It was an older man, with glowing red eyes. But there was something more than that that held her attention. Every part of him held her rapt. He offered her a choice: He could end her pain and suffering now, or join him and forsake the humanity that had ignored her.

Whether it was out of refusal to die, or a naïve understanding of what she agreed to, she assented. Thus began a series of experiments, sometimes excruciating, other times nearly deadly until she became what she is today, the first anti-vampire.

An anti-vampire is a creature created to complement the weaknesses of the vampires. This makes them either the ideal hunter of them, or protector of them, depending on the individual. They are characterized by stark white hair, and gold eyes. They feed on either the souls of living humans, or the blood of vampires. They are stronger in the rays of the sun than in the dark of night, and are uniquely capable of removing the harmful effects of garlic and silver from the wounds of vampires, like one would suck a snake’s venom from a wound. There is one critical weakness, however, that Dr. Crawford was never able to remove from their DNA. Water. Pure water. Regardless of if it’s holy or not, it is just as deadly as the sun is to a vampire. If she were to be fully submerged, she would melt away like a human would in hydrochloric acid. A scar she carries, that of a handprint on her cheek, is testament to the severity of this reaction.

After her creation, she lived peaceably with Dr. Crawford. They moved around the world, living in many different places. Occasionally, Dr. Crawford would rescue other children in much the same way he had Anastasia, and from similar circumstances. One boy from Israel ended up being split into two individuals, more alike than any set of identical twins could be. Another boy was rescued from Haiti, and he is the youngest addition to their ‘family’. Anastasia taught them to regard Dr. Crawford in much the same way she did, and with the subsequent experiments, the newer creations had abilities of their own. The twins could trade or share consciousness with each other, while still maintaining two distinct personalities. The Haitian boy, Marcus, was blinded by the procedures, but he could use the eyes of his fellow anti-vampires to navigate his world. He was also prone to precognitive dreams. But Anastasia, the first, was not subject to these kinds of ‘accidents’.

But as they entered the 21st century together, they came to know a very different world than the one they had lived around and been a part of for so very long. After the very public attack of a coed on spring break, the world had become privy to news that vampires were now a very real thing. That they had been living among humans in both peace and as predators for centuries. Thus, vampires became the next group subject to misunderstanding and hatred by humanity. Vampire hunting became a viable occupation among extremists, while others endeavored to protect the rights of peace-loving vampires, and securing a stable, reliable food supply for them using donated blood. Efforts were also underway to create a satisfying synthetic option.

Dr. Crawford, by then living the life of a prestigious genetic researcher in Chicago kept his identity as a vampire under wraps. He found ways of temporarily altering his body to be capable of taking the rays of the sun. He had also perfected a way of changing his face, so that no one could connect the dots from photos from the past, and finger him as a vampire.

It was around this time that Crawford befriended another scientist with whom he worked, and the two became very close. Along the way, his attention moved to the man’s daughter, and Anastasia took steps to prevent the two from meeting. Not out of protection for the human girl, but out of concern for what the girl could do to her grandfather.

As they became interwoven with the life of this girl, it turned out that Anastasia had been right. Her grandfather became a new man, but it was a change for the better. He had found a greater amount of conscience, and became a bit more active in his work, soon becoming a part of the oldest and largest vampire clan in the world.

It’s soon after this time that Anastasia met the love of her life. But unfortunately, he did not feel the same, regardless of what she thought was her best effort. She did all she could to keep him, but eventually, Dr. Crawford freed him. She had learned from her mistake, though. She now knows what she had done, and regrets what she had done to that man.

Personality: At first blush, she comes off as very cold and unfeeling. She speaks little, shows little emotion to strangers, and is very intimidating. But what lies below the surface is a gentleness and caring that only a select few see. Who gets to see this side? Her family and most trusted friends.

Underneath the cold, placid, Amazon exterior lies a gentleness and mercy few get to see. This shows in a number of ways, including her impetus to study sword play. She takes it up to protect those she cares for most. Her discipline is a sign of her love for those she protects. Initially, she had read tales of the great vampire hunters and thought that since she never wanted to see her Grandfather die, she would protect him. As he created more like her, she took them in under her protection like younger siblings. She led them to love Dr. Crawford as she did. As a result, she has a major weak spot for kids.

She considers her burden a heavy load to carry, though she doesn’t do so out of any overestimation of her place in the world, nor out of making do for some perceived wrong she has committed. Hers is a labor of love, the kind hard-won but precious when gained.

She didn’t always give people a chance. She enjoyed a long time where it was only her, her siblings, and Dr. Crawford. She soon came to think of him as her father. But Dr. Crawford rejected that. And so that’s how Anastasia began to call him Grandfather. And then, after several decades alone, vampires came out into the open. Crawford took interest in a human girl, Katarina, the daughter of a human scientist he had become colleagues with. Anastasia made her own plan, not out of jealousy, but out of a desire to protect the way of life that she had so enjoyed.

As it turned out, Anastasia had been on to something when she expected trouble from associating with the girl. She had excellent instincts for people. She usually had an astute read on people, but sometimes even she was surprised. The girl did change their lives, but for the better.

Before too long, Katarina became a vampire, then head of a vampire clan, and then they took in Dr. Crawford as a member of the clan. It was during these much more modern years, that she finally found love.

When she fell in love, she retreated even more into herself. She had no method of coping with it. She was outright spiteful toward the man. It seemed a very juvenile thing to her, and she just didn’t understand why for a long time. It took her a couple years to sort through her feelings. Dr. Crawford saw her difficulty, and then stepped in. He helped her to see that her feelings for this man would not replace those she had to her grandfather. In fact, he was proud of her. He had been afraid that she had left behind her capability to fall in love in her devotion to him.

Anastasia had fallen in love with a vampire. But the feelings were not returned. She took him as a chalice, in the tradition of the night walkers, but she still could not bring him to return her feelings. She loved him and hated him all at once. He begged to be released from her. She refused. She became a person she never had been before. Vicious, malicious, uncaring, unfeeling. She injured him on purpose. She used her strength to attempt to force him to stay with her.

But of course, it didn’t work. Crawford was forced to intervene. He released the vampire from his captivity, and took her sword away until she recovered her senses. The blow to her very sense of self was what she needed to regain herself.

Now, she’s a bit more willing to offer more of herself, and not quite so closed in. Though, following her arrival in the house, she’ll close herself off significantly.

Fears: She has an extreme fear of not being able to protect those she loves. She trains to the extremes she does so as to prevent this from ever happening. Another fear is that she will reach the overload point and become nothing but a destructive force, laying waste to everyone she loves.

Weaknesses: Her biggest physical weakness is to water. When her skin comes in contact with it, it burns and boils like when a normal human comes in contact with pure hydrochloric acid. She also has a lot of pride in herself and her skills, and will not take people looking down on her very well.

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: She is a very adept swordswoman and all-around highly-skilled warrior. Despite her slight build, she has the power one would expect of a person that has had a hundred years to study the way of the sword from many different parts of the world. She is just as deadly without her sword as she is with it.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: There are a few things about her that are a bit more than mundane. First of all, she feeds on either the souls of humans or the blood of vampires. A single soul will sustain her for a few months and a feeding from a vampire not quite as long, assuming there is no major event requiring her to recover some of her power sooner. However, she must be careful of when she does partake, because if she does too often, she is prone to experiencing an overload of sorts, and enters a berserker phase.

Secondly, she has a healing factor, as well as heightened senses, speed, and strength, to levels well above the average human and most weaker vampires.

Supply List:
- An elaborately decorated Russian-style broadsword with a matching scabbard
- A bar-style smartphone
- A flat black tactical style knife in a black leather sheath

Game Transfers: N/A

Sample RP post:
Anastasia had a few things that she considered part and parcel of fulfilling her duty as a defender of her family. It only stood to reason that she should carry these skills through to her new habitat. She decided that she should first get to know the lay of the land. She moved through the halls, investigating doorways, trying every one to see what laid behind it. As she did, she committed all of them to memory, for later use. Most of them she didn’t spend much time in, just striding in, looking around, investigating a few items, and moving on to the next.

But one in particular got her to slow down. As she came in, she was surrounded by mirrors. Every side, up, down, each side. To some, there would be a chill in the air, but she didn’t seem to notice. Indeed, her body was unaffected by changes in temperature alone (though the humidity associated with heat could be a problem). Just as others would be unnerved by being surrounded by themselves on all sides, never left alone, it did not seem to disturb her at all. She looked at herself in the side wall, and eyed herself up and down. Her hand rested on the hilt of her sword, and her other hand on her opposite hip. Her clothing seemed impractical, the short skirt and halter top made her appear more ready for a tennis match than a round of swordplay, but it made it easier for her to move how she needed to.

As she considered herself, her eyes finally landed on the scar on her face. A souvenir of battle, a badge to show the lengths she would go to to defend those most important to her. Another symbol of her gratitude for this second chance, to be a person that she had never woudl have had an opportunity to be.

With that gratitude came a duty. To be the best that she can, to protect those whose existence makes her able to enjoy this life. She drew her sword, and began to run through a series of strikes and movements. It was a combination of styles from a few different parts of the world, traversing the globe in one set of movements. She watched herself, the precision of her movements.

Slowly, they grew in intensity. She was alone here, she knew. And with her here, she was not able to protect anyone back home. They weren’t entirely defenseless without her, but she could not help but be concerned. She had never been separated from them unwillingly for this long. It was hard to cope. She imagined the treaty with the werewolves breaking down, or humans seeking retribution for some perceived wrong. Attacking the house during the day would be their best strategy, and in that context, she and her siblings were the only defense.

As her thoughts continued in this vein, the vocal impact behind her strikes grew louder, and her motions increased in intensity. In truth, all she had to keep her from becoming anxious was this. She had the power to get herself home. She just needed a way out.
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